About Us

About Us

WaterForce – what we stand for

  • Local.  WaterForce are a New Zealand company with a very local presence.  We have physical branches located in most agricultural and horticultural regions across the country
  • Community.  Our staff of 200 plus are local people who understand local conditions and are very much part of your local community
  • Knowledge.  We understand water and irrigation.  We supply, install and maintain every type of irrigation system out there.  We know what works and we know what doesn’t
  • Integrity.  We stand behind all our products and our service.  Quality product and happy customers is what is important to us.  
  • Loyalty.  A word not often used these days.  It’s about building a trusting relationship that we all benefit from.  

Our commitment to customers

Becoming an online customer will bring you the following benefits

  • Access to our comprehensive online catalogue and informative literature
  • Help when you need it.  Don’t know what you need? Just call our friendly team.  We’ll sort you out.
  • Preferential pricing for online orders (once you have an online account)
  • Convenience of online shopping combined with full support from your local WaterForce branch.  There’s no substitute for “people on the ground” that are ready to help
  • The ability to order product not appearing in our online catalogue.  Call us.  If it relates to water or irrigation, we will do our best to sort something out for you.
  • You may choose to visit a local branch to see a product (and ask questions) then purchase it online.  Whatever works for you

Please note that some product lines will not appear in our online catalogue.